Funding The Future…or Flop

There’s a lot more money involved in getting this project flying than I had originally imagined. Once I started to break down the costs I nearly backed down. But with so much support already, I feel like this is do or die time, meaning its time to go after some funding for what I still think of as my little project.

This has been a project that has changed my life forever. When I first thought up the idea I really had no idea how much effort was going to be needed on my part. All I wanted to do really was create some really cool software that could help make a lot of people’s lives easier. Now I just need the money to get it to them.

software button

Push the button, make the software, get the customers, make the money. Right???

I had no idea of the number of bills I was going to have to cover to get this business up and running. I was having too much fun creating it to give it that much thought. Like someone just told me I was going have to drop a bunch of cash in business filing fees. That means a license and a whole lot of other stuff that’s important if you want to be a small business owner.

Then there’s all of these suggestions that I am going to need an accountant and a lawyer. The accountant to make sure I don’t break any tax laws I guess and the lawyer to help you with contracts. That part seems very important to me.

Insurance was something else I hadn’t considered but it costs a lot of money to insure a business, even a small one like mine.

Now it’s time to ask for the funding for all of this, plus the dozens of other expenses I don’t want to bore you with and my palms start to sweat when I think about. I have already built up a following and I have more ideas spinning in my head. Great ideas that I know people are going to be really excited about. After all of this hard work and planning, I would hate to have all go sour just because some suit decides me and my ideas are too much of a risk.

Unless you have ever built something up from scratch by yourself, it’s hard to imagine how it feels when all that sweat and hard work is now dependent solely on whether or not someone believes in me enough to take a chance. It’s nerve wracking and it’s put my stomach in knots for weeks.

The only thing that gives me hope is the knowledge that at some point everyone who is big in the software business, or any business, once stood exactly where I stand now. They got the idea, created it and just needed some money to get it up and going. I don’t have visions of being the next software super giant, I just want to be able to market and sell a product that I believe strongly in.

Launching a Software Company With No One But Yourself

Who doesn’t dream of being self made? Of creating something unique that other people are going to want. It’s not easy, but when you succeed… ah the reward is unbeatable.

This was me mapping out my software. Not! Way more messy. More post it notes...but cool pictures right?

This was me mapping out my software. Not! Way more messy. More post it notes…but cool pictures right?

What I set out to do was start my own little software company. Our lives are completely controlled by computers now and like stars, there are thousands of needs out there that haven’t yet been discovered. You just have to find one.

I had some code knowledge already, the first hurdle was figuring out what to do with it. Once I fixated on my idea it took a lot of hard work, but I did get my program up and running. All I needed to do now was create a little company and begin marketing.

This was where the real hard work comes in. You can’t just set up a web page with a domain name and think that hordes of people interested in your software are going to come clicking. There has to be a strategy where you build up the right connections. And that doesn’t mean a list a Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

What you need to try and do is get people just as excited about your software as you are. This means a lot of forum posting and blog commenting on similar items. Leave your link wherever you can. What I learned was that this was my personal project and I needed to be personally involved if I wanted to create any buzz about it.

You make connections on line all the time. But do you actually engage with them? Like those Facebook friends who post cryptic status updates and then never respond to the comments. After a while people lose interest. The same goes with growing real connections that can garner you real results when you are trying to attract attention to a brand new concept. If you just make a post and then forget about it, people will too.

Not only did I figure out that engaging was a critical component, I also found that people like visuals. The sudden popularity of Instagram is proof of that. If you are working on making connections try using videos and pictures. Be as entertaining as possible to keep people interested and maybe even sharing. I could name a hundred silly videos about nothing that suddenly went viral to where everyone was talking about. If you can create that kind of buzz, people start to get excited wondering what all the buzz is about.

There is so much more to making connections online than SEO, especially when you are a little guy going up against some big ones. They already have the SEO upper hand, I need to figure out my way around that. What they don’t have is me, and the passion I feel for the software I created. So I guess what real marketing and building connections is for the little guys like me is learning how to get people interested in me, and my software.